Don’t Hide 

We human beings are very complex creations of God almighty. God has created us, made us in His own image but we try to hide things from ourselves, from our friends and family.

How do we hide?

We don’t face reality. We don’t want to face the facts. We hide, and think that things will be normal automatically.

We don’t want to face our sickness. We don’t want to go for lab tests that will reveal our sickness.

We don’t even want to go before God in

prayer and confession; for by the power of His Holy Spirit our sins are revealed and we don’t want to accept them.

We hide things from our friends, our relatives, and from our spouse.

This behavior is very natural, as far as human psychology is concerned. We feel safe and secure when we hide. We don’t allow people to know our weaknesses and infirmities. We want to be seen and known as very composed and peaceful.

Don’t hide your feelings

In the Scriptures David says,

“Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting”

Psalm 139:23-24

In this psalm, the prophet David invites God to search and test what is inside of him so God can correct and rebuke him. He is friend of God. He is not hiding anything from God. In this way he wants to develop a closer fellowship and communion with his God. It shows he is quite bold before God; he honors and fears God.

God feels happy when we have such an attitude with him or before him. God loves such people. Are you bold enough to present yourself before God, that He may correct and rebuke you?

Correction is a very hard and painful process; nobody wants to go through it. But the aftermath of correction is very beneficial, sweet, and long lasting.

Do you want to be friend of God; be a friend in all seasons; in hardships, in good seasons and in bad seasons?
Is your fellowship quite close with him? Or, are you a reserved person?
Are you a closed person with regards to your relationship with God?
Are you frightened of God?
Do you feel happy and comfortable with God?
Don’t Hide From God!

May the Lord help us to be open, transparent, and friendly; to enjoy a deeper communion with Him and may He be our Best Friend.

God bless you.

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