We Are Servants of the God

We Are Servants of the God of Heaven and Earth

Ezra 5:11

We are the servants of the highest God

When a person serves a Prime Minister, President or King, everybody looks at him with great respect. People know that he is a very useful and influential person and, in times of need, if we approach him he will certainly be of great help to us. These are the human perspectives and expectations.

Now let us compare being a servant of God with being the servant of a worldly king.

God, the Creator of heaven and earth, is also the King of kings. All the kings of the world are under Him. Therefore, it is a great privilege and honor to serve God and to be His servant.

The problem is that people do not fathom this mystery and sometimes the servants of God don’t even know their own value. The true servant is ever-ready to obey his Master, to know his will and do his will joyfully. He does not complain or murmur. He always wants to please his Master in all circumstances. The good servant works for the interests of his Master.

The servant knows the powers of his Master, his authority. The true servant does not make his own decisions and choices. The good Master takes care of all the affairs of his servant.

Are we servants of God?

What type of God’s servant you are?

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