What is life all about?

Life is brief.

Life is like a shadow.

Life is temporary.

Life is a deception.

Life is like a blade of grass.

Life is like a thought.

Life is like a vapor of water.

Life is full of misery and pain.

Life is a constant struggle.

We all love life, although the true picture of real life is very bleak, black, dark and tragic.

We always try to save our life. We want to protect it. We want to give comfort to our life.

We work hard so that life can be pleasant and worth living. Even if we live for a hundred and fifty years, life will come to a halt. It will certainly end one day. This is all about our earthly real life.

There is another life, the life which will start when our earthly life is over. This is the life after death. Many people do not care about life after death or for their future life. They believe, “let us eat and drink because we will die.” This is their motto.

The Holy Bible tells us that we must prepare ourselves for our future life by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are to ask forgiveness of our sins and accept Him as our Lord, Master, and Savior. This is the true life, a secure life. Then we will abode with him forevermore.

Are you ready?


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