Life Is Not The Same At All Times 

Life for a human is a constant struggle and fight; it is not smooth sailing. There are evens and odds, successes and failures, bleakness and brightness, defeat and victory, joy and tears, trials and triumphs, serenity and storms, laughter and loss, spring and autumn, summer and winter, greenery and barrenness, birth and death, youth and old age, poverty and riches, evil and vitreous, peace and panic, health and sickness, friends and foes, deserts and green pastures, deserts and rivers. What a diversity we observe in life.

It is not an imaginative statement or explanation. It is a fact, a reality, a truth, which no one can deny. We have to face such diverse situations, circumstances, and go through them. We must face them whether we like them or not. We can choose to face them with heavy heart, with a negative attitude or with painful bitterness and a grumbling mood. Or, on the contrary, we can face these circumstances of life with a positive and confident attitude.

Life is short time so fast no replay no rewind. When we move to the spiritual realm there are also ups and downs, struggles and successes, spiritual heights and deep valleys. Some days are spiritually very alert and high, other days may be very slow, sluggish, lazy and depressed spiritually. The sun does not shine in the same power and brightness; there is rise and fall, dawn and dusk. Nothing in nature moves at the same pace.

There are spiritual failures; negative, depressive, hateful thoughts may occur. We may have thoughts of bitterness, jealousy, pride, revenge, conflict, and un-forgiveness. These thoughts hover over us. Sometimes we are overcome with them and we fail. Negative thoughts constantly bombard us.

Is there any solution for such circumstances or situations?

Must we live in constant struggles, defeats and failures?

Can we come out of such situations?

Is there a solution for these situations?

How we can come out of these situations and circumstances?

Who will bring us out of this situation?


(a)      Self Effort. 

There are many talk shows on TV that speak of how to come out of these situations. The experts tell us so many things, they give excellent advice and suggestions but, unfortunately, they do not follow this advice themselves.

With self-effort, people do many things by themselves and at the end of the day these efforts fail so they move toward discouragement, defeat and depression. What a tragic picture of mankind. Some people partially succeed with self-effort in securing their goals and agenda but they slip backward and do not complete the plan.

(b)      Getting help from others.

This is a good way to come out of difficult situations. We must listen carefully to others to get the helpful message or advice and be very sure to know who it is that is giving you the advice.

(c)      The most important things. 

The top most things to help us through difficult situations are there:

-Read the Word of God. Meditate upon it. Pray about it.

-Ask God to help and guide you.

-Have regular fellowship with local believers, share your worries with them and ask them to pray for you.

-Read solid, biblically based, theologically sound Christian books to build you up, make you strong and deep rooted in the Lord.

May the Lord help you to stay firm in the time of crisis, when the strong winds are in action and the floods are running high and fast.

Be blessed.

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