Unity Is Like Dew

What is unity definition?

Unity is a great blessing and a mighty strength. Unity is power. Unity increases your strength manifold. Unity is success. United we stand and achieve more.

(1)      Dew comes from above; it is very clean. God is the source of true unity. Human beings want to control and dominate each other. With us there is a great tendency toward a party spirit and divisions.

(2)      Dew is wet and watery. This is the kind of wetness which helps the grass to grow, produces feed for livestock, and produces fruit and other crops for mankind.

In the same manner true unity brings forth the fruit of love, meekness, and thoughts of the betterment of others. Dew is water and the water is life. Water is a basic necessity for all living beings, humans, animals, trees, plants and crops.

(3)   Dew is clean, and transparent. We must be neat and clean in all our dealings and relationships. Transparency is also very vital in our relationships. Transparency encourages and strengthens our unity. It knits us together. Transparency is powerful.

Some people are afraid to be transparent and they always hide the issues from their friends. Transparency brings two people together. Where there is transparency, there is no fear. Transparency means you can look through. There is a glass window in the room; through this transparent glass you can see the outside world. In this sense everything is clean and clear.

Transparency is also a picture of holiness. People must see deep into our inner being. We should not hide. Unity demands this.

We must learn some practical lessons from dew.

It helps pastures, plants, and trees to grow.

It is clean.

It is transparent.

It is a picture of holiness.

Let us put these facts into practice. May the Lord be with you.

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