The Unknown Stress

When I woke up this morning, the immediate thought which struck my mind was a stress, which was sitting deep in my mind somewhere. It popped up so quickly. It disturbed my day. I started feeling heavy, lazy, hopeless, helpless and sleepy again.

Where should I go?

Where can I get help?


How I will get help?


Who will help me?


How do you recognize stress in your life?

How to do stress management?

The more I thought, the heavier I felt. I could not find any way out.

Then I said to myself,

“Why I am looking for other ways and options?


Why not I ask Jesus to come and lift my burdens?”


So I poured out my heavy heart before God in prayer. I requested Him to take away my stress, my burden. I told Him that I could not carry it by myself.  It was too heavy for me. I acknowledged before Him that I am useless, I am helpless and I am hopeless. Come and make me useful, hopeful and helpful for others. He listened to my petition.

He spoke to me quietly through His word, “Cast all your anxieties upon me because I care for you.”

I questioned, “Do You really care for me?”


He responded, “Yes I do. I do care for you.”

Instantaneously, peace, comfort, and joy crept in to my heart. He made my day blissful, a blessing. The stress vanished. The joy ruled in my heart and mind. Peace overflowed in my inner being.

Glory to His Great Name. Amen.


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