The Ocean of Distress is Raging

I was in deep, I was drowned,

I was in great dismay and despair,

I was helpless, I was hopeless.

The world seemed so dark,

The future looked so bleak,

Life was a burden.

There was nothing to look forward to,

Everything was at a standstill.

The pace of progress was stagnant,

The retrogression was so real and moving,

What can a human mind contemplate?

Life is dull, life is colorless,

There is no reason to live.

There is no charm to survive;

The struggle for survival is meaningless.

All the achievements of life are meaningless,

Life itself becomes a problem,

Others cannot think of it;

You can only know if you have experienced it.

The thinking pattern changes,

The world view is diverted;

Negative thinking takes control of a person.

The person become a powerful tool in the hands of his negative thought pattern,

Stress, depression, pain and gloom become the master of his life.

Fear and anxiety rule over him,

Negativity has become his comrade,

Pessimism does not leave him alone,

They play with him.

They tell him that we care for you,

You are ours and we are yours.

How bitter, miserable, meaningless and colorless life becomes.

All these dark things remove hope,

The ocean of distress is raging,

Can anyone help distress signals at sea?

Yes! There is One who has the way out!

The way may be invisible,

But a real, true, and bright passage leads from this situation.

It seems impossible to take a step forward on this rough and bumpy road.

The Master, with His Almighty power,

He removes every hindrance and paves the way.

He brings you up from rough seas, difficult passages;

He shows the way, shows real life.

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