Have Mercy On Me Oh God

Day One:

Dear God and heavenly Father, Have mercy on me Lord, have mercy on us as a family.

Be gracious to us.

Make your face shine upon us.

Father! I come before the throne of Thy grace in the name of Jesus.

Jesus, the name which is above every name. Every knee will bow before Him.

Angels worship him day and night. The saints who are in heaven call him holy, holy, holy.

His true worshipers who are in this world bless Him around the clock.

You are worthy to be honored, adored and worshiped.

Have mercy on me Lord, have mercy on us.

Speak to my heart, cleanse me, and make me a person of your choice.

Make me holy, humble and honest in all aspects of life.

Break me, mold me. Grant me a contrite heart.

Help me to walk in thy righteousness.

Visit me afresh, show me Thy radiant face.

Have mercy on me oh God, have mercy on us.

Open my mind;

Open the windows of my soul that I may see Thy grandeur, thy power, thy majesty and glory.

Teach me to count my days on this earth.

Make me wise. Guide me in the ways of righteousness.

Protect my thoughts and my ways. Lead me in the straight paths.

Make me afire for you, so that I may serve you in genuine spirit, with purity.


Day Two:

You are an awesome God.

Your plans are eternal.

Teach me and teach us to adjust with your plans.  

Guide us to follow your plans.

Your will is the best for your children.

Teach us to follow your will wholeheartedly.

Teach us to accept your will joyfully.

We are safe and protected, joyful and content in the center of Thy will.

When our will unites with your will, surrenders to your will then our will becomes Thy will and Thy will becomes our will.

Lord, teach me to obey your will. You are our loving and living Father.

You live in perfect light.

You make your sons to enter into light.

Let your face shine upon us.

Let every single spot, speck, and dot be seen and removed by the power of your divine light.

In Jesus’ name, I ask.


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