Come, Sit, Listen and See

I was alone, I was upset and worried, I was wondering. I looked for hope, joy, and peace.

I went into my room, shut the door and said, “Dear Lord! I am here; I want to listen to what you will say to me. Open my inner ears, so that I may listen to your soft and tender voice. Make me sensitive to what you say.”

The Master said to me, “Come! Come close to Me and sit. Look at me and listen. You are my beloved, I love you, I care for you, and I sustain you. I have redeemed you. I gave My life for you. I have shed My precious blood for you on the cross of Calvary. You are very precious to Me. I always watch over you. I protect you. I stand with you during times of trial and hardship. I am yours and you are Mine.”

The Master further said, “Look at My hands, and look on these holes in My side. I was pierced for you. When the soldiers put the sharp nails into My hands with the heavy hammer they also drove the nails into My feet, I could see the sharp nails; I could see the heavy hammer. I could see the angry faces of those soldiers. I was not angry. I knew that they did not know what they were doing. With pain, patience and calmness, I pleaded to my heavenly Father. ‘Father, forgive them! Father, forgive these soldiers who are so cruel and harsh to Me’.”

Immediately I could see that I myself was like that soldier who fixed the nails into my Master’s hands and feet. I was the one who hit heavily on the Master’s hands with the hammer, and I felt ashamed.

The Master said, “Come, sit, listen and see. I have forgiven you, don’t worry. I love you. I took all the pain for you on the cross. I took all the shame for you on the cross. Now I have purchased you with My precious blood. You are Mine. You are Mine forevermore. Nobody can snatch you from My powerful hands.”

The Master extended his hands so that I could hold them, and I kissed His hands. He said, “Look at My hands closely. Don’t be afraid, don’t worry; don’t feel guilty. I love you and you are mine. I love you so much. Look at my hands. I put these hands before God, My Father on your behalf.  I put out My hands and asked My Father, ‘Please don’t punish him…’ and I took your punishment. On your behalf, My hands were pierced so that you could be spared, your hands could be spared.”

Come, sit, listen and see… I was sitting so calmly and I listened to the soft and tender tone of my Master. His words were so soothing, so sweet and so comforting. He was putting a balm on my wounds. I was comforted. I was delighted. I was uplifted. He gave me a sense of worth.

My eyes became wet with tears, tears of gratitude. I could see my old self, which was against God and His son Jesus. I could see my old life, how I persecuted Christ. How I was crucifying my Savior, piercing His hands. I wept.

As I wept, the Master removed the burden of my guilt and sin. In fact, he took my entire burden upon Himself and whispered in my ear, “Come ye heavily laden, you who are tired, fatigued, you who cannot carry your burdens. I will give you rest. My rest is free; this rest is in abundance. It is for all mankind. I will take you to green pastures; you will lie down beside still waters. I am yours, and you are Mine.”

I held His hands, He held my hands. He further said, “Come, sit, listen and see. I am with you always, don’t be afraid, be strong. Wherever you will go, I will be with you. You are precious. You are Mine and I am with you till the end of the age.”

God bless you.

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