Reflections of a Husband

Every women is reflection of her husband and a man is reflection of his women.

 A husband writes, “I get angry with my spouse. Why is this true? Is it that I don’t take her seriously? Maybe she has some hidden, unmet desires? Perhaps I’m angry because she’s always aggressive toward me and often speaks back? Why? Could it be that she was trained in this manner? Maybe her parents didn’t have a healthy relationship? I shouldn’t make that assumption as every women is reflection of her husband. But did she observe them and think it better to be dominant and aggressive, talk more and louder, so that it will seem as if she is right?

“Are these observations right or wrong? I do not know, only God knows. Was I an angry child? It is difficult to find my fault. It is much easier to find the faults in other people. Maybe I feel insecure, and anger easily?  Maybe I’m suffering from hypertension or have a lack of security!

“Is it that I lack self-control? Maybe I didn’t have much emotional outlet as a child. Maybe I forced myself to be submissive? My inner man is different than the outer man. Maybe I live in utopia and the reality of life is different? No, this is not the case. 

“Maybe I think that I am always right and she is wrong? That is pre-supposition. Maybe she wants to do things with her own will? She never asks beforehand. When she is ready to do something then she says I am going to do this. She never consults, she just takes action. She just settles everything and then informs me. Whatever she wants to do, she will do it, whether or not she suffers later on with her health issues.

“She is talkative; she can talk for one hour nonstop, just one way communication. She is hospitable and hard working.

She is not sluggish. She keeps my blood boiling. She keeps my blood pressure high.

“I have already spent forty years of my life and don’t know how much more time I have to go on this journey. I will accept her as she is. She is my friend and life partner. She works in my life in such a way that I learn just how much grace of God I need.”

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