Old Burmese Women

Bowed Down to the Ground in the Rain and Mud

One time I was in the nation of Myanmar, whose old name was Burma. In Myanmar there are different groups of Buddhist monks. These monks are seen in all the roads and streets of Yangon. They go from shop to shop to collect their daily food from the vendors. They place these donations in a pot which is tied to their belt. They are also given cash gifts.

The monks collect the food and bring back to their monastery. They combine the food which they had been given and share a meal together. They deposit the cash in the monastery office. The monks do not get any foreign financial support. They raise their support from within the country.

I have seen young ladies who are monks and their heads are shaved. One morning as I came out of the guest house where I was staying, I saw some very old monks walking toward a big bungalow. Two old ladies stood in front of the gate with plates of rice in their hands.

When the barefooted, head-shaved monks wearing brick colored clothes came close to the women, to my astonishment both of these old ladies bowed down in the rain and mud before these monks. The monks were gods in their minds. After they got to their feet, the women offered the plates of rice to the monks.

What does the Bible teaches us?

The Bible clearly teaches that we should not worship anything—any person, any creation—but the One true God Himself. The God of this world has blinded the eyes of these women so that they could not see. Man worshipping man!

In the twenty-first century, people are still spiritually deaf and blind.

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