God likes Confession.

It makes us light.

It removes our burdens.

It brings us back into the presence of God, the almighty. 

It grants us boldness to come close to God.

Confession is free.

It needs courage and brevity.

It hits the enemy back.

It makes the enemy ashamed.

It is a privilege for the child of God.

The enemy hates our confession.

God loves Confession.

There is no price to pay for it.

We need it on daily basis.

It is a great weapon for us.

It is a powerful weapon for us.

With true confession meaning, we put our enemy on the losing side.

The precious blood of Christ is the price for it and restoration.

We can confess anywhere and anytime.

If we fail to confess, we totally ignore God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

It is effective and useful when we know and feel its need.

True confession is a blessing from above.

It sets us free.

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