O Lord This Is Your World

This is Your world, O Lord. You have created it and whatever is in this world, it is Your handiwork.

This is a beautiful world. Yet this is one side of the coin; on the other hand this world is full of agony, grief, sorrow, and pain.

Nobody is satisfied or contented. People have everything, and they have nothing. There is depravity or hopelessness and emptiness. There is a material aspect to this world, and the majority of the world population is below poverty line.

I am thinking on the emotional, social, relational aspect of human race. People are selfish, always looking to their own interest, even our friends, relatives, children and spouse. This world is corrupt and under a curse.

Nobody likes to be submissive or cooperative, yet one has to live in this selfish world. It is good to help others but it is much better not to expect that same person whom you have helped will help you in your time of need. If he does help, think of it as if God has helped you through him. Unless or until God helps you, nobody will help you, or until God compels him to help you he will not help you.

So we live here in this world. This is God’s world. There are all breeds of people. We must live and face them, and make a space for us to move forward. It is all by His Grace.

When you help people, they stand beside you. They are your friends, but when you need them, they refuse, they hide their faces, they ignore you, and they do not show up. Now what should be your response? Shall you begin to hate them, shed tears and say to yourself, “Why did I help this man so much and now he is of no use to me?” Perhaps you will end your relationship with him.

He may have a genuine reason not to help you, or he is able to help but he doesn’t want to do so. How will you react? You can be bitter about him. You can start to hate him and make a decision that you will not help this person next time. You may decide not to help anybody again because, you say, all people are like this person.

Yes, indeed, most people are like this. Yet it is good to help others in whatever capacity we can and never expect anything in return.

O Lord this is your world; make us wise and grant us the spirit of discernment so people will not make fools of us for their own gain.

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