He is a Great Savior

My Great Savior:

Dear God,

Thank you very much for granting me this new day in my life.

Your love, grace, mercy remain forevermore.

Your loving kindness never fails, you are my great savior.

Your love is as deep as the ocean,

The human mind can never fathom it.

It is beyond our comprehension.

You loved me.

You came down for me.

You even care for me more than what I can care for myself.

Teach me to love others, grant me patience, tolerance, and forbearance,

So that I look out for the interest of others.

Make me sacrificial and selfless.

So that I give whatever I can.

As I look into this universe.

The handicraft of your hands,

You still love man, who is dust.

You created everything for him,

So that he could enjoy these things and enjoy you.

He should enjoy Creator and his creation. 

But sorry to say that he forgot his Creator and started to worship His creation.

Teach us to look into the things of heaven,

To look above,

Where redemption and salvation come from.

We are your maids, your slaves.

Teach us to adore you as our King,

To honor you and to worship you.

You had so many angels in heaven, but

You did not choose them. You chose dust,

Fallen man, and

For his sake you gave your life through Your Son Jesus.

He died on the tree to give us heavenly treasure.

He was cursed that we may be cured from our spiritual ailments.

Without His bleeding there are no blessings.

Through His pain He made us into a privileged class.

His death was destiny.

His grief was his greatness.

He was gracious to us and guided us into the way of glory.

His tears were not of trauma or tragedy,

But of triumph.

Death could not defeat him.

But through death he became a victor.

He was full of compassion,

He was continuously courteous.

He was a teacher of His actions.

He came to save us

And to sanctify us.

He was compassionate.

He comforted us and consoled us.

He gave us life to allow us entry into His glory.

His tears were a treasure for us,

That we could always remember His love and

His passion for us.

His blood was a blessing.

His crucifixion was our consolation, our comfort

And His concern and care for us.

His resurrection was for our righteousness.

He made us right with the Father.

His grave turned into glory.

His enemies turned into his comrades,

His wounds were wonder-working.

His face was swollen,

His side was pierced.

His hands and feet were nailed.

The grave could not hold him.

Death could not control him.

Because He is Life,

Life eternal,

A free life for everyone.

Do you have eternal life?

Do you need this eternal life?


Ask, believe, confess, and receive eternal life and be blessed!

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