Human Relationships

Man is a social animal. He is a relational being. He lives in society with other human beings and in order to relate with other human beings he develops relationships.

Positive and healthy relationships are great wealth. Negative and sick relationships can be great torture. All people of the earth live with relationships whether painful.

For human relationships bible says

“It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him”

Genesis 2:18

It takes a lot of time to develop and nurture our human relationships. It is not an easy task. The way we communicate is one thing; the way the other person interprets our message is another thing. It is easy to destroy a relationship with the tone of our voice or with our physical or facial expressions.

We develop or destroy our relationships the way we see the other person. We communicate a message through our eyes. We resist or nurture a relationship through our eyes.

We are free to avoid or neglect our relationships or to strengthen and cement our relationships. Human relationships are very sensitive and delicate. If in the beginning we develop good, strong, mature, solid, positive, healthy relationships then external factors or elements cannot damage these relationships.

Positive human relationships are a great wealth in our life; they are our assets and heritage. A lot of hard work and labor is needed to develop such relationships. We need to sacrifice our time and energy to nurture our relationships.

Time is the best test of our human relationship nature. God is the true protector and developer of our relationships.

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