God, Nature and Man

Dear God of heaven and earth.

You are God of the whole universe, that which your hand made.

The Creator, Sustainer, Provider and Protector of all mankind; the lover of our souls.

You are the comfort of our spirits; the caretaker of our bodies. You are the joy of our whole being. You are the source of wisdom and discernment.

You made the depths of the sea and the heights of the heavens; you are the creator of what is beneath the earth and above, in the heavens. The creature which is living on the bed of the ocean is not hidden from your powerful eyes. All the animals of the world were made by your creative word.

The waterfalls sing and praise your name as they fall on the ground and make a loud melody.

The waves of the ocean dance and express their joy, jubilation, and happiness toward you.

With the force of a strong wind, tall trees bow down before you and tell us that we are nothing.

Help us to stand firm, help us not to break down. Your voice in the wind makes a whistle and sends the alarm that you are coming soon. It is a warning to the loss of mankind.

Before dawn the beautiful and colorful birds sing unto you and praise Thy wonderful name for the new morning; the day which is the first day of the rest of their lives.

The sweet voice of the cuckoo, asks the sluggish and those who sleep to wake up; the sun is coming up. Do not waste your time; otherwise you will be left behind.

The lizard in the desert hides under a bush beneath a ruthless sun and gives thanks to you for her protection.

The eagle on high flies about and looks for his prey. He finds it, feasts and enjoys it and makes a noise of gratitude unto You. When he sleeps, he sleeps deeply and is grateful to You for the calmness, the serenity, and the restful sleep. 

You have created the lion, the king of the jungle. You have given him great power in his loud roar. He also runs very fast and catches any animal. He is brave, energetic, smart, and wise; he never shows his back. When he is old, he does not run fast, he sits in one place and he roars. All the animals run at the thunder of his voice. They have great fear of the king of the jungle. They run to save their lives. He preys on other animals and satisfies his hunger. You are his provider.

Many beautiful trees produce sweet fruit every year in due time for mankind. These fruits are colorful and full of fragrance.  People fully enjoy these fruits for their health and vigor. This is Your blessing for nature and mankind. Colorful butterflies also come; they fly and sit over these colorful and fragrant flowers.

The rivers carry millions and millions of gallons of water. Their water gives life to mankind. The land produces grain for mankind—Oh, God, You are our provider.

The fish in the sea make noises unto You and praise you. They run and dance and make melody; Oh, God, You are creator of all things.

You are the creator of animals, waterfalls, the sea, trees, the wind, birds, the desert lizard, the eagle, the lion, the fruitful trees, flowers, the rivers, grains, fish, nature and mankind.

Where does a man stand in the scenario of nature?


Where do you stand as a human being in the world, in nature, in creation, in the sight of God?


Do you thank Him that He created you?


Do you bow down before Him?


Do you resist Him?


Are you aware of Judgment Day, when all things will be opened before Him?


He knows every detail of your life.

What do you have to offer Him: your murmuring, grumbling, bitterness, jealousy, evil thoughts, and negative perceptions?

Or do you offer Him your praise, your thanksgiving, your gratitude?

Where you will spend your eternity? 

Have a great and blessed day

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