Why is Church important to me? Let’s illustrate it with a scenario. One day all the organs of the human body were sitting together and emphasizing their own importance to each other.

Hair said, “I am on the top of everybody. I am on the head. I am on the high place. The whole beauty of the person depends upon me.”

Then the eyes spoke angrily, “If you are so handsome and smart, just shave the head then look in the mirror!”

Eyebrow said, “I am the one who increases the beauty of the eye.”

Eye responded to the eyebrow, “Shave yourself and people will tell you how beautiful you seem!”

The eyebrow replied, “I am so important that if I’m not there all the sweat will go into the eye.”

The eye said, “If I am not there how can a person see his food and the beautiful colors of the flowers?

The nose spoke up, “If I am not there how will a person smell his food, and the beautiful flowers?”

He asked the eye, “Can you smell the food and flowers?”

Tongue commented, “If I am not there how can a person taste his food?”

He asked the eye, “Can you taste food?”

The teeth said, “If we are not in place who will cut the food?”

Teeth asked the nose, “Can you cut the food?”

The tongue interjected, “Who will move the food inside of the mouth?”

The foot said, “I am the one who carries the whole weight of the body!”

All the parts got angry toward the stomach and said, “You are a useless organ! We all work hard and you don’t work. You are idle. All you do is take in the food.”

Stomach replied to them, “If I do not take in the food, how will you all function? I am the one who digests the food and gives energy to all of you organs so you can function properly.”

In the church, in the sight of God, all of the believers are very important,

none is of less importance.

Everybody is important in the church.

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