Hello! How are you? “Thank God.”

Yesterday, I called a Christian friend; a friend of my youth. He is the head of an International Christian organization.

When I called his cell phone, I said, “Hello.”

He responded, “Hello,” then we greeted each other.

I asked him, “How is life?”

He immediately responded, “Thank God.”

I persisted. ”Is it real, your ‘Thank God’?”  

He responded positively.

“Are you sure it is real, this ‘Thank God’?

He said, “Yes.”

These questions were asked because I knew that a few days before that, in the very early morning hours 2:15 a.m., his wife fell down the stairs and received a head injury. The ambulance was called (1122) and it rushed her to the hospital. His wife had eight stitches in her skull and is now recovering at home.

As we talked, I told my friend, “Whenever I greet anybody and ask him, how is he? He always responds, ‘Fine, Thank God.’ But when we continue to talk for a few minutes this individual tells me a different story. He shares about his hurts, pains, frustrations, failure.”

This I have discovered:

Everybody has a story but nobody has the time to listen,

Every heart has a pain but there is no remedy or cure,

Every eye is wet but there is no one to wipe the tears,

Every mind has a burden but there is no one to lift the burden.

Going back to the issue, I said to my friend, “You have said, ‘Thank God’.”

He again responded positively. “Yes. Thank God for good health. Thank God for pains, for injuries, for stress, for tension, for old age, for sickness, for high blood pressure; for poor eyesight, for pain in the knees; thank God because He is with us, even in adverse circumstances.”

His positive response changed the whole perspective of our phone call. I began to think differently; my frame of mind was changed.

God is with us in all circumstances.

“Hello! How are you?”

“Thank God.”

How can you Thank God for everything?

Can you really “Thank God” for your life, for your issues?

The wife of another friend of mine has breast cancer. Ten years ago she suffered a lot, the family also suffered mentally, spiritually, physically and financially. His daughter was burned while preparing breakfast; at the same time his son’s leg was broken. His older son passed through a lot of persecution and false allegations where he was working. My friend had a road accident; he has suffered with Herpes, and Dengue fever.

He survived. And he always says,

“Thank God” because He is with me. He is Emmanuel.”

Can you say, “Thank God?”

How do you thank God for blessings?

How do you thank God for everything?


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