Cleansing comes from God above.

It is a gift from God.

It helps us to move forward.

Jesus paid the price for it.

It is free.

It is available.

It is real.

It was costly for the one who paid the price.

You can have the cleansing

You can enjoy it.

How does God cleanse us?

Open your mouth and confess your sins;

Tell the Master that you are a sinner

He is more than happy to forgive your sins

No matter what your sin may be.

Cleansing comes

Through His precious shed blood on the cross.

He bore the shame for you on the cross

He bore the pain for you on the cross

Cleansing sets us free from the past

It helps us to be strong in the present

It helps us to see into the future with joy and hope

It offers us boldness and courage to come close to the Redeemer.

Come and receive the cleansing

Come and enjoy it

It is free

It is for you.

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