Dear heavenly Father,

The Lover of my soul,

Provider of my needs.

Protector of my being,

Thank you for sending your Son into this world to save me.

This morning I come to the throne of thy grace,

In the name of Jesus,

Your only and beloved Son,

Thank you for your constant and unconditional love for me.

You sustain me, moment by moment;

Caring for me day by day,

Guiding me through your Word,

Encouraging me by your Spirit,

Loving me through Christian friends worldwide.

I am before you just as I am,

There is nothing good in me,

I am weak, fragile;

There is no good,

It is all your agape love which keeps me moving forward;

I praise you and I honor you.

You always make me bold,

You always make my way bright and the destination so clear.

You never leave me in a vacuum.

Wherever there is hopelessness, you give hope.

Wherever there is doubt, you give assurance.

You are my light,

You are my hope,

You are my courage,

You are my future,

You are my assurance.

You are a friend who never betrays.

You always stand beside me.

You speak to me from within.

I cannot see you but I can experience you.

You walk with me,

You talk with me.

You guide me ahead of time.

When I suffer you are there to comfort me.

You give me new thoughts,

You show me the future.

You lead me.

You feed me.

You are great God.

You are great friend.

You are a source of great strength,

When I need strength,

When I am strength-less.

Whenever I come to the powerhouse of your strength,

You are always ready to recharge me,

To revitalize me;

So that I can have energy,

Power and strength to take further steps.

When I am fatigued, tired and weak,

You are there.

You are my strength,

You are my hope,

You are my future,

You are my God.

You are my friend,

You always help me to see my secret sins,

My secret failures,

Sometimes I am not honest with you but you do not force me;

You encourage me in a loving and caring way to be open with you,

To be honest with you,

To be transparent with you so that our fellowship can be strengthened,

The relationship can be restored,

The joy can prevail.

You are my God.

You are my friend.

O Father, help me to obey you willingly.

O Father, help me to obey you joyfully.

O Father, help me to obey you absolutely.

That I may please you in all aspects of my life,

May be in closer communion with you;

To know you and to know your mind.

Help me to be faithful.

Help me to be true to my call.

Help me to persevere as the road is rough and bumpy.

I know that you are always there.

You are my light.

You are my love.

You are my God.

You are my friend.

Father I praise you and thank you

For what you have done for me,

Done in me,

And through me.

I pray in the name of thy Son,

My Savior,

My Redeemer, Jesus.


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