Spending On Weddings

People do not give for the work of the Lord but they will spend a lot on wedding dresses, lightings, to marriage halls and entertainment, on food and on other items in wedding checklist for their weddings. Average wedding cost in urban areas are around 10,000 dollars for 1 event, nowadays. The average wedding dress code only costs around 1000 dollars for 1 bride or groom. They will even put money on the head of the bride, her father, and her brother at the event.

The family invites musicians, or the Dholak people, to increase the joy of the event. They give them a lot of money in the form of vales. They throw money into the air.

Average cost of a small wedding costs around 1k dollars that’s the average wedding dress cost in urban areas. At one wedding there was a man who was the brother-in-law of the groom. The wedding took place in a rural area. This man climbed on a wall and started throwing money into the air. I don’t know if he ever calculated his wedding spending on a wedding budget calculator. As it fell to the ground the people and children of the village could freely pick up the money and everybody could see that he was a very rich person.

A videographer was asked to record the event. As the brother-in-law threw the money into the air with great zeal, it was all recorded on video. Then the money supply ended and the man came down from the wall.

Now he walked very slowly, he appeared to be tired. His friends and father-in-law asked,

“Do you feel OK? What is wrong with you?”

He didn’t tell them anything, but in fact he was very upset while throwing away the money.

Was he not thinking clearly when he was on the wall; was he now regretting his actions? Many such people do not go to church; they have never heard the Gospel and are not saved.

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