New Year Resolution and Reflection

The Year 2024 is a guest now,

Just after some hours it will be gone.

It will be history.

We thank God for all His blessings in 2024

For His unconditional love and grace,

For His peace and protection, and

For His strength and shelter.

For His love and life,

For His Power and Person,  

For His sovereignty and sustainability.

For His care, concern and compassion,

For His love and light.

We saw sickness and shooting,

We saw terror and tragedy,

We saw trials and triumphs.

We saw bombs exploded,

We saw Bibles given to the spiritually hungry.

We had scarcity in resources,

But His sufficiency was greater than our needs.

We saw death,

We saw death with destiny,

We saw sinners dying,

We saw souls saved.

The road was rough and bumpy,

There were ditches and discouragements,

We saw the valleys of vanity.

There were bends of sickness and bad health,

There were straight roads of health and healing.

The adversary was hovering over,

The Almighty was surrounding and covering all around.

There were feelings of unworthiness,

There were feelings of usefulness.

Sometimes there was a broken and unknown road,

Sometimes the road was very steep and foggy,   

But by faith we moved forward,

At the end we got our path out;

Because we had safety and security.

Life seemed fruitless,

But He gave much fruit and encouragement,

The year 2024 is a guest now soon it will pass away.

The year 2024 taught us,

Never to be greedy but to be gracious,

Never look for gain but to give,

Never to give up but to go forward,

Never to grumble but be grateful,

Never to be gloomy but be glad.

Never to be worried but to be wise,

Never to be withered up but to be witty and willing,

The year 2024 is a guest, soon it will pass away and we will enter into year 2015.


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