A Heavy Heart

With a heavy heart, I come before You, O Lord.

I bow down my head before You.

I confess You are the Creator, I am the creature.

You are Master and Lord; I am a slave and Your servant.

My heart is so heavy it pulls me down again and again.

It badly affects my mind, body, soul, spirit, and thought patterns,

It shakes my will, my decision-making mechanism.

It ruins my health, my appetite, my sleep;

It wrecks my physical and emotional health.

Everything is before You like an open book.

I cannot hide anything from You.

Even if I hide, my rebellious attitude is revealed.

I know that Your Holiness can resolve of all my issues, hardships,

I know You are the way out of my problems, struggles, ups and downs; my failures.

So I come before You with all my humiliations and failures.

I am confident that You will certainly make a way out.

You have the solutions, please help me, and make me stand on my own feet.


I come Alone to You; You add me to Your family.


I come in Brokenness; You grant me blessings.


I am a Creature and You are the Creator.

I am a Coward you grant me Courage.

I come with Confusion you grant me Clarity.


I come in Distress; You grant me Direction.


I come in Emptiness; You grant me Energy.


I come in Failure; you make me Fruitful.


Lord, You take my Gloom and turn it into Gladness.

I Give You my Grief; you Grant me Your Grace.


You take my Heaviness and turn it into Hope.


I am Insignificant, but You have made me Important.


I come with my Junk thoughts; You grant me Jubilation.


I Know nothing; You grant me Your Knowledge.


I come with my Loneliness; You grant me Your Love divine.


I give You my Misery; You grant me Your Mercy.


Lord, take my Nakedness and turn me into Your New creation.

Take my Night, and turn it into Noonday.


I am Obsessed with so many worldly things,

You keep me under Your Observation.


I give You my Pain; You grant me Your Peace.

I come in my Panic; You grant me Your Presence.


I am in Quest (search) of peace; only You can Quench my panic.

When I am Quailed (discouraged), You always Quicken my soul.


I come in Resentment, You give me Recuperation.


I come in Sickness; You grant me Serenity.

I come with my Scarcity; You grant me Your Sufficiency


I give You my Tests and Trials; please grant me Your Triumph.

I come with my Tears; You grant me Your Touch.


I come with Utter desperation; you grant me Unlimited delight.


I come with my Venomous nature; You turn it into Virtue.


I come with my Worries; You grant me Your Wisdom.


I come before You as a Xiphoid (like a sword); You make me a Xylophone for Your worship.


I come with my Yelling; you put me under your light Yoke.


I have Zero Zeal; grant me Your Zeal divine.

Help me, O Father, take my entire burden, and take all my heaviness. In Jesus’ name I ask.


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