You and me

When I am Abased, You manifest Your Abundance,

When I am Broken, You become the Binder of my life;

When I am Confused, You always show me Your Comfort and Compassion.

When I am Distracted, You show me Destiny,

When I am Depressed, You show me Determination, 

I am Dust, You are Divine.

When I am Engulfed with gloom, You Enlighten my inner being,

When I go through Failures, You show me Your Faithfulness;

When I am Guilty and Gloomy, You show me Your Gladness.

When I go through Half-Heartedness, You always send me Your Help,

When I go through Humiliation, You Honor me and make me Jubilant;

When I am Isolated, You Implant in me Your divine family.

When I am Jumping here and there, You cover me with Your Joy and Jubilation,

When I have Knots in my mind, You grant me heavenly Knowledge;

When I am going through Loneliness, You cover me with Your Love Divine.

When I am in Misery, I experience Your Mercy.

When I am going through the Night, You lovingly Nurture my soul;

When I am Oppressed, You put my feet on an Open field.

When I am Pessimistic, You lead me toward Perfection,

When I feel Peril, You whisper in my ears that I am indeed very Precious;

When I wrestle with Questions, You Quiet my soul.

When I am Rigid, You lead me toward Your Righteousness;

When I am Rude, you shower Your Riches upon me.

When I commit Sin, You set me Straight with Your Word,

When I have Shortcomings, You Sanctify me;

When I am Stubborn, You Soften me with Your tender love.

When I am physically Sick, You Sustain me physically,

When I am Spiritually Sick, You Sustain me Spiritually.

When I am Tempted, Your grace leads me in Triumph,

When I am Undecided Your right hand Upholds me;

When I am Vulnerable, You become my Victor.

When I feel Worthless, You graciously grant me Your Wisdom,

When I am Extorted, You always Exalt my soul.

When I Yell in frustration, You teach me to Yield;

When I am Zero, You give me Zeal.

You are my Creator and I am Your creature;

You are Divine and I am dust, you are God and I am human.

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