With God Nothing Is Impossible

There are many hard things in the world. People want to handle them with their own struggles and hard work but they fail. There is a question in the Holy Bible: Is there anything too hard for God? The biblical answer is No. You people will find with God nothing is impossible bible and with God nothing is impossible verse in this article and many more related materials. Furthermore, You can find about with God nothing is impossible quotes on internet as well.

We human beings start calculating the situation. If the circumstances and situations look favorable, then we say “Yes, God is the god of the impossible.” The things which are impossible for human beings are possible for God. We are always interested in calculations but God is above everything.

Abraham and Sarah were very old. It was impossible for them to have a child but God, with His miraculous power, made it possible.

It was impossible for Moses to divide the sea. No human being can do so.  It never happened before in human history nor will it happen again. God turned the impossible into possible with His mighty power. The sea was divided. This is unbelievable and unthinkable.

It is impossible that you throw someone into the fire and he would not get burned. God made it possible. Three Hebrew men were thrown into the fire, they were not burnt, not even a single hair.

It is impossible, if a person is thrown in a den of lions, that the lions would not harm him. But God in His great sovereignty made it possible. The lions did not touch the young man.

God can do the same for you if you fully surrender unto him.

 Indeed with God nothing is impossible.


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