Why a Fatal Accident

A Christian friend of mine was in a road fatal accident yesterday. Within forty five minutes of the crash, she passed away. It was very sad and tragic news for her family and friends.

My friend was a born-again person; she received Jesus and His gift of eternal life. I had visited with her in the past; she was very loving, caring, and hospitable. She had a great heart for missions, and helped many needy people. At the time of her death, she was running an effective ministry for women.

All of sudden she died.

She should not have died in this manner.

God knows the mode, the time, the place of our death.

Did God allow the death?


Why does God use such harsh methods for some people?

God could have called her home through some sickness or in her sleep, but she went through a very painful process and procedure.

There are many painful and grievous questions which we cannot fathom. Only in eternity we will understand the perfect answers. The Fatal accident near me or my thoughts about that fatal accident is that maybe if she had not traveled at that time she would have survived.

We heard that a trolley came from the opposite direction, which was the visible cause of this serious fatal accident. It all took place in a wink of an eye and her driver could do nothing to avoid hitting the trolley.

It was still very dark at that time, in the early hours of the morning; not much traffic on the road. In this section of that road the speed limit was one hundred kilometers an hour; very fast. This was the scenario at the time of the accident.

Is God a tyrant? Her husband was going through chemotherapy treatments for his lung cancer.  When her husband was diagnosed with cancer, four weeks before her death, the whole family cried bitterly. Her husband was very worried. He said, “Who will take care of my dear wife after my death? How she will manage in my absence?” But she died before him.

Maybe God was teaching her husband not to worry… “I have a better plan for her. Now I will take her home. You don’t need to worry. She will go ahead of you to welcome you when you enter into glory.”  If she had survived, with some permanent disabilities, that could have become a constant struggle and much pain, so God did the best for both of them.

God also teaches us who are alive that life is very short and brief. “You may plan everything but I’m the one to bring these things into reality.” Man is totally helpless before God, he needs to depend upon God in each and every plan and move.

Now our good friend is in heaven with the Lord. We also need to be ready all times. 

“Acknowledge Him in your all your ways and He will direct your path.”

Proverbs 3:5

We have a living and blessed hope. He is our loving and caring Father. We will see Him face to face one day. We need to be ready to meet Him.


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