Search me, O Lord

Psalm 139:23 

Search me, O Lord, and make me a person of your choice.

O heavenly Father,

I come before the throne of Thy grace,

Take me into your loving and caring hands.

I know who I am, an insect and a particle of dust.

Search me, O Lord, and see if there is any sin.

Cleanse me according to your mercy and grace.

Make me strong in my inner man.

Open the eyes of my heart.

Open my inner ears that I may hear your voice.

You are so loving, caring and tender.

You are so faithful.

I can trust in you.

You never leave nor forsake me,

Even in my weakness, infirmities and sickness.

You always give me peace and assurance, hope and courage.

Search me, O Lord; take out all dirt and sin,

Search me O lord and know my thoughts,

Take out all doubts.

I want to follow you fully.

Take me into your hands and make me a vessel of your choice.

Thank You for everything.

Thank you for all in which I go through,

So that I may experience your deep and intimate fellowship.

Make me sensitive to your voice.

Search me, O Lord, and make me a person of your choice.


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