Thoughts on Prayer

Devotional thoughts on prayer

I have written lots of topics on thoughts on prayer in English language for my viewers and readers. They can find in this article prayer quotes from bible, devotional thoughts on prayer and much more.

Prayer is a great force and power upon which a child of God can lean.

Prayer changes things.

Prayer is a window through which we may enter into His Holy presence.

Prayer makes the difference.

Prayer opens close doors.

Prayer gives us strength and boldness in the time of need.

Prayer gives us joy in the hour of depression.

Prayer is the breath of our spiritual life.

Prayer of a saint can open the storehouse of God.

Prayer can break the hearts of the lost.

Prayer can melt the stony-hearted.

Prayer can do the things in seconds which we cannot accomplish in years.

Prayer is Power.

Prayer gives us power, strength and comfort.

Prayer makes us triumphant in our moments of trials.

Prayer helps us to move forward even in times of great hardship.

Prayer is a constant source of strength and joy.

Pray for others.

Pray without ceasing.

Through prayer the impossible can turn into possible.

Through prayer we reach to the powerhouse of God.

Through prayer we see the invisible.

Through prayer we have a direct contact and communication with our Creator and Redeemer.

Through prayer we are protected from the forces of evil.

In prayer we talk with God.

In prayer we draw strength from the unlimited Source.

In prayer we get rid of our worldly cares and burdens.

In prayer we receive direct power from above.

In prayer we open our hearts to Him and tell Him our inner needs and secrets.

We pray to God.

We pray to God in the name of Jesus.

We pray in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We can be more than conquerors just on our knees. 

The prayer of a righteous man can do great things.

Without prayer a Christian will wither and die.

There is power in prayer.

Not praying for others is a sin.

A child of God cannot live without prayer.

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