The Prince of Peace

Our world is looking for peace, but there is no peace. World leaders say, peace, peace, peace but there is no peace. What peace we knew, is torn apart. When we listen to the world news it seems that our world is coming to an end very soon.

The tragic situation in Libya, the constant war in Palestine, the tyranny and blood shed of ISIS in Iraq, the hunger for position in Egypt, the power struggle in Zimbabwe, the suicide missions in Afghanistan. The bad news is endless.

The target killing, kidnapping for ransom, the activities of Al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations, the suicide bombings and political unrest have all become the routine of life in Pakistan.

The ongoing tension between North Korea and South Korea, the drug mafia in Colombia, the unemployment conditions in Europe. This is the world in which we live. The Peace of this world has been shattered into Pieces. This world is a place not worth living in.

Thank God that He sent the Prince of Peace some 2000 years ago to all those who would believe in Him, confess their sins, repent, and turn away from their sins. He was sent to be accepted as the Lord and Savior of their life. Those who believe experience divine peace in their lives.

He made this peace through His incarnation and resurrection.

He made this peace through His shed blood on the Cross.

He wants this peace to reside in our hearts.

We must manifest this peace through our words and works.

This peace is free.

This peace is in abundance.

This peace is good enough for all of our issues, needs, problems and circumstances.

May you experience the power and presence of the Prince of Peace at this special Christmas season and throughout the year 2021 and into the future.

We wish you a blessed Christmas 2020 and a prosperous New Year 2021.

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