Old Age is Like Infancy

An old man is totally dependent on his children or grandchildren. There was time when this old man was young, robust, smart, active and energetic. He took care of all his children.

Then the wheels of time moved forward; this strong young man became a feeble, dependent, and helpless person.

Now there is someone to help him to sit, to lie down, to feed him, to change his clothes and to give him a bath. This old man can do nothing. God in heaven helps him to go on, and on earth his obedient and God-fearing children help him push the wheel of time forward.

I marvel at the compassionate staff and volunteers in the Hospice, the old homes, the nursing homes, who take care of these sick, feeble and old people. They are great care-givers; they are a different breed. May the Lord bless all who serve God and mankind in this fashion.

While I write these lines, I can know or feel the inner feelings of a feeble, sick, weak, old man or woman, who is terminally in this condition. Maybe it is difficult to feel exactly the same as this helpless person feels, but I know as a human being it is a very sad situation, a scenario that requires compassion, when a person is feeble and old, sick and dependent and goes through such an experience. The old man suffers physically and psychologically, and the person who is taking care of him is also grieved and goes through pain and agony.

On the other hand, if we take this scenario in a positive direction and consider that this old man is grateful to God for all the negative and positive, dark and bright circumstances. We see he is content in this situation. He thanks God for the blessings of the past which the Lord bestowed upon him. He praises and thanks God for the present situation, and he hopes for the best for his coming days. He asks blessings from above for all of his children. His heart is very tender and soft for his children who take care of him. Even the person or child who takes care of him is happy that the Lord has granted him/ her opportunity to serve his/her parents.

There are two sides of a coin. So here is the point: I see that we cannot chose how things will go in the last days of our earthly life. God knows our time on earth and how it will come to an end. Many people pray, “Lord, take us home so we will be active and efficient to the end. Take us home quickly. We do not want a long time, we do not want to be dependent, and we do not want to be bed ridden.”

This is a good desire. At the end of the day, everything is in  God’s hands. Whatever pleases Him, He brings to pass. We cannot force Him to do as we tell Him. He knows best. He is sovereign in all his decisions and actions. Lord, teach me to number my days.

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom(Psalm 90:12).

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