Family is a gift from God. It is a divine institution which God constituted on the earth so that people can abide in love and harmony, with peace and joy. God designed family to stand with one another in times of pain, sorrow and suffering; in success, joy and jubilation.

God ordained the family in the Garden of Eden then the adversary tried to destroy that divine institution. But God preserved and protected the family. He slaughtered an animal and covered Adam and Eve with the skin of the animal. The slaughter of the animal was a picture of atonement. That first sacrifice foreshadowed Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

When I contemplate Adam and Eve, man and woman, the family was the best of all of God’s whole creation. The family was perfect; no pains and no sorrows. The adversary entered in and created doubt about God in the mind of Eve, she took the forbidden fruit, and gave it to Adam, he too ate of it and thus sin entered into the world.

God in His great love and mercy restored the family. Even today, God is restoring the family through Christ. This shows the importance of family. There is no perfect family on this earth but by the grace of God Christian families are doing very well in spite of the issues and problems.

Why is family a blessing and what is the importance of family?

 In family we secure love and peace, joy and comfort, encouragement and confidence, transparency and openness, unity and strength, instruction and inspiration, duty and discipline. Family builds the character of an individual. Family imparts social, moral, and spiritual values to the individual. A Christian family teaches about God, faith and salvation to a child.

When I say “family,” I mean a Christian family, a God-fearing family, a family where husband and wife, father and mother are saved, they are born again, they are children of God, their sins are forgiven, and they have the total assurance of that forgiveness of their sins.

The family builds us up.

The family makes us good citizens of our nation.

The family makes us good followers of Christ.

The family is the source of encouragement.

The family helps us attain and secure good education, find good jobs and be acceptable in society.

The family lays our foundations.

In family we learn how to obey our parents.

The family teaches us how to obey God.

Family passes on to us the values which we carry into our next generation.

In the family our earthly father is the picture of our heavenly Father. Here we can understand the relationship of a father toward his son.

For an individual the family is an umbrella, a shelter, a fortress, a family member is always safe and secure here.

The church family is a spiritual family.

The church where we worship, all the members are part of our family tree.

It is a bigger family. We also have a worldwide family. We are members of worldwide, invisible family.

When we go to heaven we will enter into a heavenly and perfect family and be with our heavenly Father forevermore.

Blessings to you.

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