Day Start, With Tears 

I started my day with tears,

Day started with tears in my eyes,

Started my month with tears.

Thy will be done;

I say it with tears.

It shows I have to leave and

Forget everything which I was doing for the ministry.

Thy will be done with regards to my poor health, stiff aching body.

It is not easy for me. I have moved into the unknown.

Thy will be done, Tears come out freely

Thy will be done even if the situation deteriorates, circumstances worsen.

I ask You, give me grace to bear it.

Give me grace to bear it; not joyfully but with patience and endurance.

Life is a burden now

Dreams are shattered

Hope has vanished

Strength is gone

Courage disappeared;

Gloom is friendly,

The future dim.

Grant me Your grace to go through it.

Make me ready for the worst,

Prepare me for the adverse

Let Your Holy Spirit comfort and console me in dark moments

Let Your Holy Spirit be my friend, my advisor, my guide and my teacher.

Let Your light enlighten me.

Let the cravings of this life be crucified.

Teach me to live a new life;

Teach me to see the light through darkness.

May I see hope when there is hopelessness?

May I perceive courage in great distress?

Take my burden and make me light;

Take my sorrows and make me glad,

Take my life and make it light.

Thy will be done.

Teach me to do Thy will with joy,

Teach me to do Thy will from within me;

Teach me to take Thy will and make it my will.

Teach me to look at You,

Teach me to surrender unto You.

Teach me how to die to myself,

Teach me to look unto You and live for You.

Thy will be done.

Grant me Thy grace that I may accept Thy will,

That I may follow Thy will,

That I may do Thy will;

Even with adversity in the days to come.

Make me holy, humble and honest;

Make me true, transparent and triumphant;

Even in the tests, temptations, trials and tribulations.

Thy will be done.

Let Your will cut across my will,

Let Your will rule over mine;

Teach me to accept Thy will,

Even if I must stick to one place,

Even my bedroom,

Even my bed.

Mobility looks very difficult.

Thy will be done.

Grant me Thy grace

Help me to experience Thy grace, Your gift.

In my grief, make me godly,

Make me pure gold through the fire of sickness

Make me pure gold through Thy holy fire.

Thy will be done.

Grant me grace,

Deep comfort.

Satisfaction, serenity, tranquility;

I earnestly look unto You.

I give up, I submit, I surrender,

I give up, I look unto You;

I am ready for the adverse.

Do you want me to be handicapped?

Do you want me to suffer with severe rheumatism?

Do you want me to be crippled?



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