88 Phatak Church

88 Phatak Church is a very small but strategic Church near me. This little church will reach several nearby places. Having the church building in this area is, by itself, a witness and display of a Christian presence in the area.

The church consists of a group of young men. They often come to attend our training programs. Samuel has ministered in this church several times and it is always full. People sit on the floor covered with mats made of date palm leaves. They worship the Lord joyfully.

After one worship service, someone from the group said to us, “Please pray for this church.” We asked if they had some specific needs. Then a young church militant removed some of the mats and showed us the floor. The floor consisted of bricks; the mats were the covering over a very hard and uneven surface. They also had a boundary wall to be plastered. Once we saw these things, we assured them of our prayers. We are confident that the Lord will supply every need of this small church in due time.

How did the 88 Phatak Church building get started?

When we first laid the foundation the people of the neighborhood were very much against this worship place. They said,

“You people go somewhere else and build your church.

We will not allow you to build the church!”

The situation grew worse and finally got the attention of the chief of the area. It began to look like the believers would not be allowed to build their place of worship. The local believers prayed very hard about this bad situation and asked God to intervene. Eventually a few people became supportive of these believers, but the problem remained.

After some time passed, neighbor M’s wife got sick. She was sick for many months. She went to many doctors but was not healed. One 88 Phatak Church leader

Spoke to Mr. M,

“We will pray for your wife and God will heal her.”

Mr. M was very happy to receive this free offer. Several believers in the area also joined to pray and in due time the Lord healed his wife. Seeing this, the hearts of more of those in the neighborhood were softened. The church building was erected and is now used for worship. God has his own ways of doing things. His plans are beyond human understanding.


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