Thank You, My Heavenly Father 

I am clay and you are the potter

I went to bed very late, it was 2.00 a.m. I thanked God when I woke up this morning; The Lord granted me some kind of special peace in my mind. I felt an energy, strength and vigor in my being. Things seemed to be more colorful and brighter that morning. I wanted to do something, to achieve something. I thanked God for reviving me, strengthening me and encouraging me. O Lord, thank you for everything.

Father in heaven, I thank you and praise you for all your great deeds which you have done in my life. You have taught me many precious lessons through difficult circumstances as you polish me and perform your craftsmanship in my life. Thank You.

I cannot understand all your plans which you kept for my life. You lead me moment by moment and I praise you for your hand—the caring hand, the almighty hand, and the protecting hand—in my life.

Thank You for everything I went through; discouragement, loneliness, depression, fear, tension, mental pressures, physical sickness, financial strains, family hardships, broken relationships, rifts in relationships, an unforgiving spirit, revengeful attitude, and the pessimistic approach toward people, relationships and situations. I praise you for delivering me, making me free, granting me freedom. I worship You, I honor you.

Now I pray unto you… Please! Don’t hide your face from me. Make your face shine upon me, guide my steps that I may truly follow you and please you. Take my life in your loving hands and fashion it according to your design. I know that I am not perfect. I have so many dark spots in my life. I beseech you, dear Lord! Make your light shine upon those dark spots, remove all the filth, the bitterness, the jealousy, my egocentric views and attitudes, the negative and sinful secret thoughts which work in my spirit like termites and internally destroy the spiritual building of my life.

Let Your Holy Spirit take hold of all the aspects which are not yet surrendered to Thy sovereign will. Take complete control over my life. Let your light shine in and through my life.

May all the negative thoughts be removed in the power of Thy Son’s shed blood on the cross?

I praise You, I adore you; you are worthy to be honored and praised. Thank you Father. My heavenly father loves me.

My heavenly Father, thank you for everthing

In Jesus’ name Amen.


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