Teach Me to Accept Thy Will

Teach me thy way, O Lord; I will walk in thy truth: unite my to fear thy name

Psalm 86:11


It was twelve o’clock noon when I woke up. Every hour during the night I had awakened with great thirst. My joints ached: shoulders and hips, finger joints and wrist. As I woke up my body was very heavy, I had to literally drag myself up; I had no freedom in my movement. I washed my face and returned to my room.

I was helpless, confined and disabled. I could not do anything freely. With tears in my eyes, and painful joints, I said to my heavenly father,

Have you forsaken me?

The voice came, “I care for you, I love you, and I have not forsaken you. This is the best for you. I am thinking the best for you.”

My eyes were wet; I questioned the Lord,

Is it best for me?


He responded, “Yes; it is best for you. I care for you, I love you.”

Again I asked,

Why it is best for me?


The Lord replied, “You don’t know now, but in the future you will know that it is best for you.”

As a human being it was difficult for me to accept. So I requested of my Lord, “Then grant me Thy grace to accept it.”

He responded, “My grace is sufficient for you.”

Then I asked myself,

Why are my eyes wet?


The answer came from within me,

“Maybe I’m not fully willing to accept HIS will. There is conflict of God’s will with my will. That is the reason, that my eyes are wet.

Lord teach me to accept thy will and thy will be done in my life. Whatever the circumstances may be… to accept it joyfully, to accept it with ready heart.

I confess to you oh my Father, open my inner eyes to see Your glory and majesty even when things seem blurred, dim and shady.

Help me to move forward with joy and courage.

Keep away from me all the forces of discouragement and darkness.

Keep my way bright and shining so that I may see to my destination and keep moving to my eternal home with patience, perseverance and dignity.

May these timely little problems not take my attention from your radiance face.

Help me to move forward.

I look unto You the originator, founder and perfect or of my faith.

To God be the glory for evermore.”


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