Death is Destiny 

Death of our Destiny

Nobody wants to experience death. However, death is a universal reality and death is everyone’s destiny; nobody can escape death. Kings, prophets, and princes, rich and poor… all have died, and will die. Nobody on this earth can escape death.

Death is destiny. How? Death is our enemy. Death separates us from our loved ones. Death is isolation, death is darkness, death is silence, and death sets us apart. Death is real. 

On the other hand, death is our destiny. Death is a window through which we meet our Creator and Redeemer face to face. Death can be perfect peace, complete comfort, total triumph and absolute victory.

Death is a divine gift for mankind; can usher us to complete peace. In death we can stand in the presence of our King.

The people of this world have no hope in death and after death. But for believers in Christ, their lives begin after death. The apostle Paul has written (paraphrased), I wish I could leave this earth and enter into presence of my Lord. He further said death is gain. He looked at death with a very positive approach. When we close our eyes in death in this world, we immediately open our eyes in heaven.

Death gives us time for deeper communion with the Lord.

Death releases us from all our pain. Death makes us free from all our sin. Through death we reach our destination.

We all have to face death. We must get ready to face it. Let us look into the eyes of death by the Grace of God and let us overcome it. Let us face death with a smiling face, with boldness and courage.

Let us move toward our destination with holiness, perseverance, patience, and without grumbling or murmuring.

Let us one day look in the face of our Creator, our originator, the Founder and Perfector of our faith.

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