You did not kiss me

“And he turned to the woman, and said unto Simon, Seest thou this woman? I entered into thine house, thou gavest me no water for my feet: but she hath washed my feet with tears, and wiped them with the hairs of her head.”

Luke 7:44 KJV
“Thou gavest me no kiss: but this woman since the time I came in hath not ceased to kiss my feet.”

Luke 7:45 KJV
An incident has been mentioned here (Luke 7:36-50). A Pharisee named Simon invited Jesus to his home for dinner. Then a sinful woman came with the alabaster flask of ointment. And, with the tears of her eyes she wet Jesus’ feet and then wiped his feet with the hair of her head. She kissed his feet and then put the ointment on them as deep expression of her love and reverence for Him.

The host, the Pharisee, was thinking in his heart: if Jesus was a prophet He would know in His heart what type of woman this is.

As perfect God, Lord Jesus Christ knew the thoughts of this Pharisee and said to him, “I want to say something to you,” and then Jesus shared a story with him.

There was a money lender who had two debtors, one owed him five hundred denarii, and the other fifty denarii. He cancelled the debt of both. Now tell me which one of them will love his Master more?

Simon responded, “The one who had more debt cancelled.” Jesus answered, “You have said what is right.”

Do you see this woman?

I came to your home and you did not offer me water to wash my feet, but she made my feet wet with her tears and she wiped my feet with the hair of her head. You did not kiss me. But from the time I arrived, she has not stopped kissing my feet. You did not put oil in my head. but she put ointment on my feet. This women’s sins, which are many, are forgiven, and that is why she has shown me more love, honor and reverence. The person whose sins are less, who is forgiven, loves less. Then Lord Jesus Christ said to the woman, “Yours sins are forgiven.” Your faith saved you.

Simon the Pharisee had arranged a great feast in the honor of Lord Jesus Christ. He invited several nobles and dignitaries of the town. It is possible that the disciples of Jesus were also at this feast because His disciples always accompanied Him. There were scholars at this feast, and rich people and nobles. The friends of Simon were also invited.

Here Simon greatly expressed his love, attachment, respect and reverence toward Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus Christ was the guest of honor. The food was excellent and Simon generously used his wealth, time and energy for this occasion.

Contrary to this, the woman also expressed her, love, respect and reverence. She brought an alabaster box of ointment. She offered a financial sacrifice. Here you see a deep and intense expression of her passion.

“And stood at his feet behind him weeping, and began to wash his feet with tears, and did wipe them with the hairs of her head, and kissed his feet, and anointed them with the ointment.”

Luke 7:38 KJV

These Tears are the Picture of her Confession

The woman saw her lost and fallen condition. God put this thought in her mind that she was far away from God. Her destiny was the eternal fire. There was no way out. But, all freedom, forgiveness, deliverance, redemption, salvation and atonement is possible only with the Lord Jesus Christ. He can forgive all of her past sins. He has the absolute power to entirely transform her sinful life. He can turn a sinner into a saint.

These Tears are the picture of the old life’s regret.

Just think for a while, about how many tears she shed? About how much she must have regretted from her past life? She expressed the regret of her past life through her tears.

The weather was warm and the area was dusty, and therefore whenever a guest visited a home, the host usually washed his feet. When the dust was removed, the fatigue disappeared and the guest was refreshed. This was also the announcement indicating that the host was gladly welcoming the guest into his home.

Lord said to Simon, you invited me and arranged a feast for me. This is very good. You are very hospitable to me; it seems very nice and polite. You spent your money with an open heart. You did not shrink away from spending your time and energy. You were not a miser. With an open heart, you gladly spent your money for me. Your feast is very well known in the town, you not only invited me, but also the rich, the scholars and nobles of the city who have also come to you. It is wonderful. It is excellent.

3) Lord Jesus Christ compares the life the Pharisee and the sinful woman.
Oh! Simon, do you see this woman? Although this woman was visible to Simon, Jesus meant do you see beyond her physical presence. Do you see her carefully? And, do you think about her and then compare her love and reverence to Me (Jesus) to your own spiritual life?

I have come to your home, Simon, not to the home of this woman. And, she came here to see me! You did not offer me water to wash my feet but she made my feet wet with her tears. Because, she is aware of her brokenness – she sees her fallen condition. Her love for me is overwhelming. She is expressing her love, respect, honor and reverence for me. She does not need water to wash my feet. She had accumulated this water in her eyes. As she left her home to see me, she brought this water along with her. Maybe she thought that you would not offer me water to wash my feet. She made your difficult task easy for you.

What kind of passion is this?
What kind of love is this?
What kind of reverence is this?
It is very strange phenomenon that a woman is making male’s feet wet with her tears. This woman did not think of herself. She did not think and care about the blames of her society. She did not bother to think about your attitude. She came to me with a broken and contrite heart. The things which she could not express with her words, she beautifully expressed them openly, transparently and deeply through her eyes with her tears.

The tears of her eyes told the whole story that the words of her tongue could not.

How does it look like in an Eastern Society a woman is wiping the feet of a strange man with her hair? But, this woman did not care about other men. This woman is a picture of a sinful person. When such person knows the love of Lord Jesus Christ. When he or she experiences the taste of God’s grace. Then this person does not care about anything of this world. Then he/she is willing to do any task for his Lord and Master.

Simon just look at your love. And then look at the love of this woman and see how great the difference is, between both of you.

It is an Eastern tradition to put oil on the guest’s head. We have observed this in the villages of Punjab (Pakistan). This is the picture that how gladly a host is welcoming his guests. He expresses his love, joy and respect for the guest.

Once it was a severe summer time, we were a group of Evangelists travelling. We reached in the home of Brother David Masih of Joke Baran District Tandlya wala. He was an Elder in his small local Church. He said to me I want to pour oil in your head. I told him I do not need this. I am fine but he was very persistent, persuasive and was determined to do so. He did so. The oil refreshes the brain. The eyes feel cool.

Oh Simon, you did not put oil in my head but she put ointment or perfume on my feet.

Do you understand this mystery?

Can you measure the love of this woman?

She kissed my feet with her lips but oh Simon, “You did not kiss me.”

“Kiss the Son” Psalm 2:12 KJV

Do you and I kiss the Son? Judas Iscariot also kissed the Son. But that was a very dangerous kiss. That was a dishonest, deceptive, cunning and crafty kiss. Lord may abstain, restrain, and refrain us from such kiss.

“They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent; adders’ poison is under their lips.” Selah.

Psalm 140:3 KJV

How do you kiss the Son?
When did you last kiss the Son?
What is the Holy kiss in the Bible?
When did you adore Him?
When did you praise Him?
When did you bless Him?
When did you offer Him the sacrifice of your lips?
When did you give Him thanks?
When did you read His Holy Word?
When did you kiss the Son?
Do you really kiss the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ?
Do you kiss the feet of Lord Jesus Christ?
Do you sit under His feet?
Do you hear His voice? Do you share the pain and agony of your heart with Him?
Through his death on the Cross, Lord Jesus Christ paid the price of our sins.

Do you love Him; adore Him in the same fashion?

May Lord help you to love him with all your heart, soul, strength and mind and keep on kissing the Son. Your faith has saved you.

Be blessed.

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