Open My Eyes

Open My Eyes that I may See Bible Verse Psalm 119:18

Dear Lord, open my eyes;

Lord open my eyes that I may see your glory.

Let your light shine upon me;

Let your light show all the small dust particles in my life.

Cure my spiritual blindness, which hinders me not to see the ripe fields.

This blindness brings darkness;

Darkness paves the way for depression,

Depression leads to depravity and death.

The eyes of Elijah were opened,

He received the inner light; he was able to see the divine forces.

His servant was part of the same game.

He was with Elijah.

He was working with Elijah,

He was working for Elijah.

He worshipped and honored the same God,

The same Jehovah of Elijah; but his spiritual sight was gone.

He could not see any divine presence

He was spiritually blind.

He was quite discouraged and depressed.

He could not see beyond his limitations,

He was frustrated, disappointed and drained.

Elijah pleaded to his living and loving God,

O Lord, O my God, open his eyes, that he may see, experience and know,

Who you are,

What you can do for him!

Do for me, for us, and what you can do to those who are against us,

Those who want to wipe us out!

God, in his great power, majesty and glory,

Opened the eyes of Elijah’s servant and he was able to see the unseen.

He was able to touch the intangible.

Open my eyes too, O Lord, that I may see what You are doing around us.

What do you want me to do? What do you want us to do?

Increase our vision so that we can see beyond our region;

Remove all fog from our eyes

Make our vision crystal clear.

Thank you, Father for the prayer of Paul,

He prayed for the Ephesian believers,

“Father in heaven, open their inner eyes

So they may experience Thy Power, glory and majesty.”

What a petition he had before the Lord?

What depth is seen in his petition for his fellow believers,

Lord, open their eyes.

I pray for myself,

Open my eyes, O Lord open my eyes that I may see Thy glory.

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