The Terror of Death

What is terror of death definition or terror of death meaning? I am trying to give the answer of this question in my perspective, I hope you readers will find it informative and encourage my few lines for you.

Death is an enemy.

Death surrounds us at all times.

Death sets us apart.

To some, death is the end of everything.

Some people are always terrorized by death.

Death is real.

Death is universal.

We cannot avoid death.

We have to face death one day.

Whether we like it or not, one day we will face it.

It is always good to be ready.

Nobody likes death.

Nobody wants to talk about death.

Nobody likes to hear about death.

Nobody wants to see death.

When we talk, hear, see death, it really saddens us.

Death makes us realized that it is very close to us and it is so real.

It is one thing to talk about it and another thing to put these realities into practice.

Only God can help us to face death with boldness and courage.

Be strong in the Lord.

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