All By Your Grace

Anchor of our lives, the Life-Giver, O Rock of Ages, the God of Eternity, You are the God of nations, Father of orphans, Refuge of widows, God of all mankind, Lover of our souls.

I come before the throne of Thy grace, through Thy beloved son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Who was willing to give His life on the cross, who joyfully accepted the death of the cross, that through His death I may receive life eternal. Through His shed blood, my sins were washed away, through His pain and agony, I have gained peace and comfort. He broke down the wall of separation. He reconciled sinners with the Father
Thank you, Father, for Your great gift, the gift of Jesus, the gift of salvation and eternal life. Father, as you know, I daily face so many challenges in my life. Sometimes I don’t find a way of escape, of help. I find myself ignored, lost, sluggish, helpless, hopeless, having no direction.

I know You saved me; I am Yours and You are mine. You love me and care for me but yet I wrestle, I struggle. My adversary comes, and shoots his arrows of doubt and fear, of discouragement and depression, failure, isolation, weakness, and laziness. He tries his best to shake me. Sometimes I lose, but I thank you that more often You lift me up through Your living, piercing, affective, all-knowing, fiery, hammering word. Then the adversary is defeated and goes back to his quarters.

After some days or weeks he comes again, with his tricks and sometimes with new schemes and plans to distract me. This attack goes on and off, like hide and seek. Thank You that You do not leave nor forsake me. You help me day by day to move forward.

Now I can look back to the many long years since 1960 and see where you have brought me today. It is all by your grace. Thank You.

There are many issues in my life; health issues, social pressure, persecution, oppression or suppression. So many hardships and problems exist but You are the true Sustainer and Provider. You are so caring and loving, compassionate and merciful, full of grace and comfort, peace and joy, perseverance and long suffering. I adore you and worship you. I bow down before you. I know my position in Christ is complete by Your grace.

I pray in Jesus most precious name.


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